Courtney Wolfe, RMP®

Owner, RentWise, Boise ID

Melinda’s knowledge, expertise and insight when it comes to website development has changed the way we do business without a doubt! I needed someone who could get me the traffic and leverage I needed over my competition, she did both plus so much more! Our website is easy to use, navigate and of course it’s beautiful! We get compliments on it all the time! She was very patient with me through all of our changes, updates, re-branding and content creation. She responds so quickly to any inquiry I throw at her and updates our site usually within just a few hours after I send a request. Being a small business is hard enough, being a small business that 100% relies on website traffic, SEO and Google ratings to secure new clients is even more difficult. We would not be the company we are today if not for finding Melinda! THANK YOU for everything!
RentWise Property Management